Some of us can’t sit still Some of us need assistance Some of us get put in our place Some with some resistance

I’m Sorry

Always so preoccupied with I know not what when I think about you I feel guilty I forgot

The Moment I Realised

Now, I know your name Now, I know where you live Now, I will understand you and Then, I will break you in half and You, will know your place and I, will be free


With every chance we miss the harder we wish now more than ever With every mistake we make a chance to awake and we get better

Up or Out

Best step up or step out This just isn’t what you’re about Wasting time beating yourself up Over things long gone Move on Keep Strong Move on

Over-engineered 1.0

from problem to problem to problem to problem…
Start point 1-2-2a-2b-2c-3 version…

Ignoring Myself

I made my choices and my choices are made so if I cannot change me why should I try? I’m sick of thinking I’m something I’m not and I’ll never find the time I lost in ignoring myself

smaller fit

compose yourself
they don’t see you as you want to be seen
this next step could hurt you
do more damage than good
so misunderstood…

Old Fashioned

Will I ever be able to hide behind being old fashioned Will someone ever forgive me for being me My faults My feelings My fears Fear not

I tell I

I do what I tell I to do Sometimes I do what I ask I to do Once in a while I do what I think I should do It’s seldom, but I do what I tell I not to do